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Community Residences, Inc. (CRI) is a not-for-profit corporation developed to serve children and adults in the State of Connecticut. It is the principal goal of CRI to provide high quality residential, employment and foster/adoptive services to children and adults in the least restrictive manner possible. A key to reaching this goal is the hiring, training and retention of a highly qualified, involved and well-motivated staff.


It is the mission of Community Residences Inc. to develop and operate quality community-based support services for children and adults, that values the individual, promotes independence, and maximizes personal choice and potential.


1984 - Community Residences Inc. (CRI) is incorporated in the State of Connecticut as a not-for-profit human services agency whose mission is to develop and manage day and residential services for people with developmental disabilities (DD). At this time, there is a significant increase in the need for day and residential services for adults with DD due to the philosophical changes in the field and the fact that over 1800 people were scheduled to move out of Mansfield Training School (MTS) as a result of the settlement of a lawsuit that was filed by the Connecticut Association for Retarded Children (CARC).

1987 - CRI opens the Newington Day Program. This program was designed to serve 18 people who had significant development and medical challenges and was unusual due to the fact that it served this population in the community, provided an ICF level of care, and had clinical supports such as nursing, occupational/ physical therapy, speech. The Newington Day Program was intensely staffed with trained direct care professionals. This program continues to provide high quality services to 50 people with multiple challenges in Newington and is seen as a model in the State for this population.  In addition to this CRI operates three day programs that serve an additional 75 people.

1991 - CRI opens the first of ultimately ten (10) Intermediate Care Facility-Mental Retardation (ICF-MR) Group Homes. These Medicaid (Title 19) funded facilities range from 4-6 beds, support people that have complex needs including: developmental, physical and medical challenges. ICF-MR group homes are licensed by the Connecticut Department of Developmental Disabilities (DDS) and the Connecticut State Health Department and are paid for through the Department of Social Services (DSS).

1992 - CRI opens a Community Living Arrangement (CLA) for six older adults with developmental disabilities that are moving out of area nursing homes. This six bed group home is unique in the fact that it provides an out of home based day program that combines in home and community based activities for a group of people that had been in a nursing home 24/7.    

1993 - CRI contracts with DDS to open Community Training Homes (CTH) for people living at Southbury Training School. A CTH is essentially a foster home for an adult with a developmental disability. CRI is responsible to recruit an individual or family that is interested in being a host home to one or two people, CRI then provides training and assistance and support to the host home so that they can then be licensed by DDS as a Community Training Home.  Subsequent to placing the individual in the host home, CRI provides on-going support and supervision to the consumer and the host family. CRI currently operates 75 Community Training Homes around the State.

1993 - CRI enters into an agreement with Outreach Inc., an independent not-for-profit to merge. As a result of this merger, CRI takes over the operation of its first Supported Living Arrangement (SLA).  An SLA is typically a situation where the consumer who is developmentally disabled lives in his or her own apartment with less than 24-hour supports. CRI currently supports approximately 25 people in Supported Living Arrangements around the State.

1994 - CRI is licensed by the Connecticut Department of Children and Families to approve and place children ages 0-18 in foster homes. This program is designed to support children that have developmental, behavioral, or medical challenges. CRI is responsible to recruit the families, screen, train, approve the home, place the child(ren), and provide on-going support and supervision to the family and the foster child. Currently CRI is the largest provider of Therapeutic Foster Care in the State.    

1995 - CRI opens its first of six children’s group homes that are licensed by the Department of Developmental Services. These 3-5 bed facilities provide residential services to children who are moderately to severely developmentally disabled and have concurrent behavioral challenges.

1997 - CRI is asked by DDS to take over the operation of a failing company which leads to the development of what is to become a highly successful supported living program in the North West part of Connecticut.

2001 - CRI entered into an agreement with the Department of Children and Families (DCF) to facilitate adoptions for children in the Department’s care. Currently CRI has a Department of five (5) that recruit, train, match, and provide on-going post adoption support. In addition to this CRI also provides mentoring and reunification services.  

2005 - CRI is selected by the Department of Developmental Services to Develop 4-six bed ICF-MR Group Homes and move 24 people out of Ann’s and Shrope’s Nurseries.  Over an 18-month period, CRI develops the homes in collaboration with the Corporation for Independent Living (CIL), licenses the homes, and successfully relocates the adult consumers into new, modern, life sustaining homes.

2006 - Over an 18-month period of time, CRI develops, licenses, and opens five (5) Short Term Assessment and Respite (STAR) homes under contract with the Department of Children and Families.  These six bed group homes are designed to provide short term (60-90 days) respite care with a full time clinical component for adolescents that are homeless.

2011 - CRI recognized as a Top Work Place in Hartford County Connecticut.

2012 - Based on the fact that CRI provides high quality services to people with significant needs, CRI is selected by DDS and a group of families to take over the operation of a group home in Central Connecticut. 

2013 - CRI opens the first group home specifically designed to support individuals that have been long term residents of Southbury Training School. This five bed home in Plymouth meets I-2 fire suppression requirements and will provide for the aging in place of the five gentlemen in the home. CRI opens residential and day programs for young adults with autism spectrum behaviors. 






Kids in Foster Care 120 102 115 114
Kids Mentored 30 19 45 34
Kid's Residential 60 61 60 67
In Home Supports     27 40
Adop/Reunificaiton 102 34 71 43
CTH Totals 45 60 62 66
Day Programs 113 118 151 169
Adult Residential 73 76 76 80
Sup Living 45 44 43 44
Total Served 588 514 650 657
Staff 679 630 659 800
Program Sites 43 44 44 51
Turnover 28.20% 30.14% 26.37%  
Revenue $31,688,494.00 $31,576,333.00 $33,144,669.00 $35,173,531.00

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